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  • 2023

    June 2023 - Topics: Vida Health, Anti-Obesity Medication Update, COVID-19 PHE ending, Member Guide

    May 2023 - Topics: Member Guide, Well-being, Virtual Care

    April 2023 - Topics: Member Guide, Virtual Care, Cancer Care Collaboration, COE Travel Benefits, Well-being, Lab Services

    February/March 2023 - Topics: Member Guide, Lab Services, Online Care change, Center of Excellence Travel Benefit, Recipe

    January 2023 - Topics: Member Guide, Tier 1 Information/Find a Doctor, Mental Health, Diabetes Prevention, Recipe

  • 2022

    December 2022 - Topics: New Benefit Updates, SmartHealth App, Health Library, Recipe

    November 2022 - Topics: SmartHealth App, Health Screenings, COVID-19 coverage, Tier 2 changes (IL), Diabetes month, Recipe

    October 2022 - Topics: Flu Shot, Open Enrollment, SmartHealth App, Hospital Opening, Recipe