Vida Health

Vida Health is an online and virtual care platform that offers SmartHealth members personalized health coaching combined with digital therapeutic programs tailored to specific needs and health goals. Vida Health can assist members that have been diagnosed with a chronic condition (such as obesity, diabetes, prediabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.).

Coming July 1, 2023 for all SmartHealth members and their spouses/dependents 18+ enrolled in the SmartHealth medical plan that have been diagnosed with a chronic condition.

Vida Health matches members to a free health coach to help them lose weight, lower their blood sugar, improve blood pressure or cholesterol, feel less stressed, and build sustainable healthly habits. With Vida's human coaches empowered by a mobile app, members can access a customized program designed for them and their health goals.

SmartHealth members can start signing up for Vida Health on July 1, 2023. Getting started is easy:

  1. Download the Vida Health app and create an account. Be sure to choose SmartHealth as your organization.
  2. Choose the health areas you would like to focus on and select a coach that fits your schedule.
  3. Schedule your first session to start getting healthier.

Learn more here.