Sword Health

Please note: This program is only offered to members in the following ministries: AL (Birmingham), DC, IL, MD, MI, MOSTL, NY, TX or WI.

Meet Sword Health, the new digital physical therapy program designed to help you overcome your joint, back, or muscle pain—all from home. Combining licensed PT with easy-to-use technology, Sword Health is more than just convenient and its offered to you at no cost as part of your SmartHealth benefits.

Sword Health pairs you with a physical therapist for clinically proven at-home treatment. This easy-to-use technology can reduce your pain by up to 70%. Here's how Sword Health works:


  1. Your dedicated physical therapist designs an exercise program just for you.
  2. Sword Health will ship you a tablet and motion sensors to guide you and provide real-time feedback during your exercises.
  3. Complete your exercise sessions wherever and whenever it is convenient for you.
  4. Your physical therapist is there to support you virtually and is available to chat at any time.

To schedule a video call with a physical therapist and get started, click here, or call 888-492-1860. For more information on Sword Health, click here.

SmartHealth is offering SWORD Health for a limited time to members ages 18+ at no cost as part of your health plan benefits. To be eligible, SmartHealth members must be part of the following Ascension ministries: AL (Birmingham), DC, IL, MD, MI, MOSTL, NY, TX or WI.

Sword Health is a convenient virtual option, not a replacement for traditional in-person physical therapy. In-person physical therapy is available to Smart Health PPO members for a $10 co-pay.