The Best Way to Find an In-Network Doctor

September 30, 2021
The colder months mark the start of cold and flu season, so you may be wondering what providers are in-network and close to where you live and work in preparation. Thanks to SmartHealth’s tools, finding a care provider is easier and faster than ever. You can now find the care you need when and where you need it. Find out how to best take advantage of these tools below. 
Find a doctor’ and ‘Find a location’ tools
The best way to find a doctor or Ascension location in your area is with This SmartHealth website is the answer. Our website offers simple and easy-to-navigate ‘Find a Doctor’ and ‘Find a location’ tools that can help you find a provider that is in-network and in your area. With these tools, you can search for a specific provider with your zip code or a facility. You can also search for particular specialties. Any way you choose to search for providers, you know their office will be close to you. 

Using the SmartHealth website ensures that your search will provide in-network healthcare.  

While the more general Ascension website shows Ascension providers and offices, they are not guaranteed to be in-network, like options shown on

With these simple tools, you can find a provider near you in no time at all. With our website and mobile app, you can find the providers you need with ease that are in the SmartHealth network.