Get Ready for Back-to-school Check-ups, Immunizations, and Sports Physicals

July 28, 2021
With many students heading back to in-person school this year, it is an excellent time to schedule your child’s yearly check-up. Your healthcare providers can offer guidance on best practices to stay healthy this year. 

This guide can help you navigate healthcare during this back-to-school season. 
1.Medical history
Before heading to the pediatrician or family doctor with your school children, compile a list of their medical history since your last visit. This history will save you time during the appointment and help the doctor diagnose or treat your child for any issues. It can also help your doctor make decisions about preventative measures. 

Your child’s medical history should include their vaccinations with dates, allergies, injuries, surgeries, medications, plus any relevant family medical history. You may want to consider listing your child’s diet and exercise habits for the doctor as well. 
2.Yearly check-up
Once your child’s medical history is ready, you can schedule and head to their doctor’s office for a yearly check-up. At this appointment, your pediatrician will do a physical exam of your child to track and assess their development physically, socially, and emotionally. This includes checking their weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate and asking questions about grades, social life, diet, and exercise. 
3.Sports physical
During your child’s yearly exam, it may be a good idea to schedule a sports physical during the same appointment. Even if your child isn’t currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a sports team, it is still essential to get a physical. This part of the exam will help the doctor learn more about exercise-specific issues that may affect your child, such as injuries. They can discuss overuse and injury prevention during sports and exercise. If your child has already completed their yearly sports physical, make sure you bring that information with you. 
Vaccinations are an essential part of preventing disease for your child. Vaccines need to be administered to children depending on their age groups, and many schools require vaccinations before attending school. You can find a schedule of the necessary vaccines for your child based on age on the CDC’s website
5.Back-to-school health plan
With social distancing and mask policies still in place at schools around the country, it is a good idea to discuss with your child their health habits. You and your little one should sit down and talk about what they can expect this upcoming school year with social distancing, mask-wearing, and consistent hand washing and sanitizing. Making your child feel prepared for the school year is a great way to boost their confidence before school starts. 

By working together with your child and their doctor, you can make the school year healthier and more stress-free. Assessing and tracking your child’s development and teaching them how to stay healthy is an important part of parenting. Make sure you book your child’s yearly exam with a doctor in your network using our doctor search tool